I’m a multifaceted storyteller. And a bit like your personal cheerleader, really.

I’m a marriage celebrant.

Or a love story designer, as I like to call it. I’m a bit fancy like that. I work with couples to bring their stories to life through personalised ceremonies. We’d be a good fit if you’re seeking a natural, relaxed and heartwarming big day – with a fair bit of fun and laughter along the way.


I’m the co-founder of Ivory Tribe and Bride Business.

We made a blog! Then we wrote a book! I write about big day bliss on our wedding blog and directory, Ivory Tribe, and help brides-to-be prep for their big day with our sleek and sassy planner, Bride Business. If you’re floating in a pre or post-wedding bubble, definitely stop by and check out our labours of love.


I’m a mum to my beautiful daughter. And I’m also a widow. 

My story of how I lost my husband is filled with sadness, heartbreak and devastation. To be honest, I’m probably your living, breathing worst nightmare.

But my story is powerful. My life didn’t stop, and I refused to let myself fall.

Who I am now is a person who knows the narrative when it comes to grief, trauma, loss, resilience, adaptability, strength and fragility. I’m proof you can still live a beautiful life despite the shit circumstances you might find yourself in.

And that’s why I share my story as a guest speaker.

If it can empower someone else to get back up, my job is done.

Maybe you have your own experiences with death, a breakdown of a relationship, infertility or simply a crisis of confidence. But I’m not going to let you underestimate yourself. You are strong, you are brave and you will still shine.

As a speaker, I share what I’ve learnt, who I’ve become and the tools I’ve gathered to get me here. And I laugh – because you have to laugh, seriously.


I try not to be defined by any of my titles.

At the core, I’m just a simple girl who loves living life and putting a smile on others’ faces – as well as my own. Often with a glass of wine in hand.


I look forward to working with you – no matter which one of life’s big events you’re experiencing.