Jo Betz is not your typical widow.


Grief - a guided journal.


venting ones own thoughts on paper is an extremely good practice

It wasn’t for me, I purchased them both for presents for peoples that have recently lost close ones.I lost my husband some 13 years ago now & our baby daughter (at different times) so I know grief intimately. I wrote in my journals which I found an excellent way of venting & still today write in my diary.

- Julie Walsh.



Beautiful journal

I am a Counsellor and work with cancer patients and those experiencing loss and grief. I bought the Grief journal as a resource to share with my clients. It is a gentle and easy to navigate tool to help in what can been a very traumatic time. It’s gorgeous,thanks Jo

- Kate Barber.




I actually purchased for a friend who had recently lost her husband and she loved it The words were comforting and expressed many of her feelings Writing her thoughts helps immensely

- Glenda Taylor.



Great tool

I have not yet started writing, but just flicking through the book, it looks promising to assist with any healing, remember good times, and to just let myself cry it out!


New Zealand



I lost my fiancé 22 years ago and yet I still struggle with the sorrow. This book has become my safe place to let locked feelings out. Thank you 🙏

- Raquel O'sullivan.


“Coming out of this experience, all I could feel was complete loss. I’d gone from being a wife and mother, to a widow and single mother. I’d lost my husband, the father of my child, my best friend, my number one supporter and my confidence. I started to wonder who I was and I didn’t know who I was going to end up being.”

From the Journal.

Jo shares her own personal journey of grief, along with educational and inspiring pieces to help others on their journey.

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