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Jo shares her own personal journey of grief, along with educational and inspiring pieces to help others on their journey.

Christmas. There’s nothing quite like the month of December to bring grief to the forefront of our minds and emotions as we lead into what is considered a celebratory time of year. However, for those who have lost a loved...
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After sharing a post on social media recently about my grief journey, a woman admonished me, and it took me by surprise.   It had nothing to do with the content I was sharing, rather she had seen the accompanying...
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Coronavirus and the first set of restrictions got me good this year.

Initially I thought I’d cope okay, after all, I’m no stranger to having life tipped on its head. I mean when your husband dies and you’ve already dealt with emotional, mental, and financial instability, I kind of thought I had Coronavirus in the bag!

How wrong I was!

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